​​​​​​​RADPAC Increases Visibility on Capitol Hill

February 2, 2023

RADPAC, the political action committee for the American College of Radiology Association® (ACRA®), has released its 2022 Annual Report​ which shows that RADPAC’s visibility on Capitol Hill is at an all-time high. 

For the second straight year, RADPAC had an increase in the number of contributors (2,430) and contribution dollars raised ($968,418). Additionally, 141 of the 150 congressional races that RADPAC supported won in the November elections – a 94% success rate. 

It is critical that the voice of radiology is heard on Capitol Hill. To learn more about RADPAC and its 2023 goals, please contact Ted Burnes, ACRA Senior Director of Political Affairs and RADPAC or visit the RADPAC site​.